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Full Time Employees

2022 Open Enrollment Review Video

This video provides an overview of benefits available to you in 2022.

2022 Open Enrollment Summary Page

Summary page for new changes in benefits for 2022.

2022 Open Enrollment Review PDF

PDF version of the video presentation.

Wellness Incentive Program

Use this form to enroll in our wellness incentive program and earn $50!

2022 Benefit Guide

A comprehensive, all-in-one guide to your 2022 benefits.

Health Savings Account

The Health Savings Account (HSA) is available for Employees enrolled in the Qualified High Deductible Health Plan. Please review the flyers below, for more information

HSA Overview

Overview of HSA benefits to help maximize your savings account.


Learn more about frequently asked questions reguarding the HSA.

How to use your HSA

Learn how to manage your account, deposit funds, and pay for healthcare expenses.

HSA expense eligibility list

A summary of common expenses claimed against HSA.

What is the HSA?

A brief description on how the HSA works.

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Unum Supplemental Benefits

Learn more about the voluntary benefits offered through UNUM.

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Employee Assistance Program

Learn more about our Employee Assistance Program, offered free of charge to all employees.
The program is managed by Wellspring EAP.

EAP Benefit Summary

A summary of company-paid employee assistance program benefits.

Website Flier

Learn more about the tools available on Wellspring EAP's website.

Wellspring EAP Website

Log in to access valuable assistance services.
Username: Oak Harbor Freight Lines

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Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts, or FSA, are a great way to set aside pre-tax money for known, qualifying medical and/or childcare expenses.

FSA Information

This document gives detailed information about how the FSA plan works.


Use this form to compare FSA and HSA benefits.

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The company has a 401k program with match to help you plan for your retirement.

401k Information and details

Learn about our 401k plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions you might find helpful.

Spousal Surcharge

Why a flat amount instead of included in the RGA employee contribution percentage?
When the company stepped back and looked at how we could change the plan. We could have just upped the costs for everyone. As example, we up the percent to 6% for everyone and no spousal surcharge. That would leave a one income family paying 6% for the coverage, just the same as a dual income family where the spouse has the option to get insurance at their own company but chooses to use Oak Harbor’s insurance.

When will the waiver be sent out to waive the surcharge?
The waiver will be online and can be completed during open enrollment.

The waiver can also be submitted any time, but the employee won’t be paid back for surcharges paid before the waiver is submitted.

Spouse does not work and is on my plan, how much do I pay?
There is no surcharge paid since the spouse doesn’t have a plan. You will only pay the additional percentage based on the plan selected.

If my spouse finds employment how does Oak Harbor track that?
We have no way of tracking that, we will rely on the honor system and employees being honest about their spouse’s employment and when a surcharge should be paid.

Can the spousal surcharge be split between the two pay periods each month?
The decision to deduct on the first pay period was because all of the Unum deductions come out on the 2nd paycheck.

Are there arrears if you are on leave?
If you are on FMLA, you are not required to pay the surcharge. If you are not on FMLA and miss a payment, arrears will calculate and will be deducted from future checks upon return to work.

What if it’s more expensive for my spouse to get insurance through their work?
The employee would still be charged $200 each month as long as their Spouse has other coverage available and they are on the OHFL plan.

If employee’s spouse is on federal medical and requires dual coverage, can it be waived?
Yes, it can be waived because the Spouse is not employed.

Surcharge comes out of 1st, and the health care % is split between the two plans?
Yes, the current way we take money out for health care stays the same, the spousal surcharge will come out of the first check because UNUM comes out on the second and that would be a big hit on paychecks for some employees to have it on both.

If my spouse works, but only part time, can I waive the surcharge?
Yes, if your spouse is not eligible for group coverage as a part time employee, you can waive the surcharge on your plan.

Unum Supplemental Benefits

Dependents, do they need to show proof of student for life insurance?
Not unless the policy needs to be used and asked for by Unum.

Also, children over the age of 19 and under 26 that are not students and not eligible are not automatically dropped from your plan, this must be done by the EE.

If my child is enrolled in college and is under 26 yrs. old, are they still covered under Unum and if transitioning to graduate school in the fall?
Yes, as long as the child is enrolled in school, they will be covered.

Health Savings Account

Will the HSA roll over?
Yes, it rolls over each year….different than the FSA that does not.

HSA is Pre-Tax?

Can HSA help cover deductibles?

Is there a limit on HSA contributions?
The 2022 HSA limits are $3,650 for individual coverage and $7,300 for family coverage. This must consider the OHFL contributions of $800 and $1600. So, the total an employee can contribute would be $2,880 for individual and $5,700 for family. Individuals over age 55 can contribute an additional $1,000.

Can you explain HSA?
You can only enroll if on the QHDHP plan #3. The HSA account is opened for the employee automatically so Oak Harbor can contribute their portion. The Employee can use it to help pay for the deductible, or other medical expenses. Employees can also contribute if they want. We have additional information that will be on the benefits website by Nov. 1.

If I am on HSA can I also contribute to FSA?
Yes, FSA has a Limited Purpose Account you can sign up for.

There are 3 different FSAs and the limited is the only one that works with the HSA.

RGA Plan Options

Will it be the same Blue Cross Blue Shield/RGA plan?
Yes! Everything but Elixir mail order is staying the same

What are the benefits of a higher deductible plan?
Employees without a lot of medical expenses/do not foresee lots of medical expenses in the coming year; or do not have daycare expenses may be a better fit for this plan.

If my child is enrolled in college and is under 26 yrs. old, are they still covered under RGA, if transitioning to graduate school in the fall?
Yes, as long as the child is enrolled in school, they will be covered. All Children under 26 are covered on RGA regardless of student status.

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HR Team

Here are the people who can help you if you need assistance.

Jackie Knox

Jackie Knox

HR Manager
Shasta Ihrig

Shasta Ihrig

HR Supervisor
Jessica Cervantez

Jessica Cervantez

Payroll Supervisor
Angie Anderson

Angie Anderson

HR Generalist
Lisa Mendiola

Lisa Mendiola

HR Generalist
Annika Mayes

Annika Mayes

HR/Safety Specialist
Erik Eastby

Erik Eastby

Payroll Specialist

"Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first."

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We believe our services change the world. We also believe that if we take care of our people they will take care of our customers. Employees empowered to take care of the customer and doing work that is meaningful is what moves us forward.

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