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part Time Employees

There are no changes in benefits for 2022, so it’s not required for part time employees to complete open enrollment. However, we highly recommend you check your current elections and make any changes if needed.

2022 Benefit Guide

A comprehensive, all-in-one guide to your 2022 benefits.

Unum Supplemental Benefits

Learn more about the voluntary benefits offered through UNUM.

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Employee Assistance Program

Learn more about our Employee Assistance Program, offered free of charge to all employees.
The program is managed by Wellspring EAP.

EAP Benefit Summary

A summary of company-paid employee assistance program benefits.

Website Flier

Learn more about the tools available on Wellspring EAP's website.

Wellspring EAP Website

Log in to access valuable assistance services.
Username: Oak Harbor Freight Lines

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The company has a 401k program with match to help you plan for your retirement.

401k Information and details

Learn about our 401k plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions you might find helpful.


I am a Casual/Part Time Employee what benefits am I eligible for?
All Part Time Employees are eligible to enroll in the company 401k, as long as the age requirement is met (21 yrs old). You are also eligible to sign up for supplemental UNUM benefits; Life, AD&D, Short Term Disability, Accident, Hospital and Critical Illness Insurance. Additionally, the company offers an Employee Assistance Program through Wellsprings you and your family members are invited to participate in at no cost to you.

How can I find out what benefits I am currently enrolled in?
Please log on to your Dayforce portal; there you will be able to view all benefits you are enrolled in and see the cost you are being deducted for.

I have additional questions about my enrollment, who can I contact?
Please contact the HR Department at benefits@oakh.com or call us at 800-858-8815.


Does Oak Harbor offer an Employee Assistance Program?
Yes, Employees are invited to contact Wellspring EAP at 800-553-7798 or visit www.wellspringeap.org for more information. This benefit is open to you and your family members. You will receive 3 free visits per year for assistance of all types.

Family Members

Can I purchase insurance for my spouse or my children?
All Unum policies, except Short Term Disability, are available for yourself, spouse and children.

How long can I keep my children on my Unum insurance?
Children can be covered under your Unum supplemental benefits until their 19th birthday, or until their 26th birthday if they are a full time student. NOTE: they are not automatically dropped from your plan, you are responsible for dropping your child(ren)’s coverage when they age out.

I would like to drop my spouse or children from my supplemental insurance, how can I do that?
In some instances, you may be able to remove dependents from your medical plans outside of open enrollment. Please contact benefits@oakh.com or call 800-858-8300 and ask for an HR Team Member to assist you in this process. We will advise if you can make changes now, or will have to wait for open enrollment.

FSA, Life, & Disability

I am a new Employee, when can I sign up for Unum supplemental benefits
Supplemental Life, AD&D, Accident, Hospital, Critical Care and Short Term Disability benefits through UNUM are available to new Employees when they are hired. You are eligible to enroll after 60 days of employment. You will be able to enroll starting your first day of work and will have up until the first of the month they begin to complete your enrollment packet. This is all completed online through the Dayforce portal. If you are not enrolled prior to the first day of the month they are scheduled to begin, you will have to wait for open enrollment to sign up. All policies, except Short Term Disability, are available for yourself, spouse and children.

If I don’t use my Flexible Spending Account money, can I roll it over to the next calendar year?
Flexible Spending Account money must be used each calendar year or it is “surrendered” to the plan. It is important to carefully select the amount you sign up for each year, know what exactly is covered, and keep proper documentation of your receipts for proof that is required by Navia Benefits.

I am a new Employee, when can I sign up for Supplemental Life Insurance and/or Short Term Disability?
Supplemental Life and AD&D through UNUM is available to new Employees during Open Enrollment each year. If you were hired in the current calendar year, you will receive a personalized packet from our life insurance provider, Unum, during open enrollment.

Does the company offer other supplemental insurance?
Yes, the company offers a Supplemental Life & AD&D plan as well as options through Aflac.


Where can I go to update my investment options?
Please log on to Northwest Plan Services by visiting www.yourplanaccess.net/nwps

I’m not sure what Investment options to choose, is there someone I can speak to?
Yes! Brighton Jones is our financial advisor and is avaialble to assist you with questions regarding your acccount. Please reach out to Brighton Jones with any questions by e-mail: AdvisorSupport@brightonjones.com, through phone appointment: https://go.oncehub.com/AdvisorSupport or call 206-258-5000.

How do I make a change to my 401k contributions?
401k contribution changes can be made at any time during the year and can be done online through the Dayforce portal.

Medical Leave

I need to be off work for more than 3 days due to a medical reason, or to care for a family member, who do I report this to and how are my benefits affected?
Please contact your Manager as soon as you know you will be off of work for more than 3 days for any reason. Your Manager will contact the Human Resources Department to begin the process of your request for leave. You can also call the Human Resources Department at 800-858-8815 and ask to speak with a member of the team regarding the types of leave available.

If I qualify for FMLA, does that pay for my wages while I am off work?
FMLA is a law that protects your position and pay for up to 12 weeks every 12 months. There are specific requirements that must be met to be approved for FMLA. If you are approved for FMLA, you will be required to use any paid time off benefits you may have in your bank. If you work in a state that offers State Disability, you will need to contact your state’s disability department to apply for paid benefits.

What if I don’t qualify for FMLA and still need to be off work?
If you do not qualify for FMLA; you may be eligible for additional medical, personal leave or protected state leave. Please contact your Manager or the HR Department for more information.


How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Please log on to your employee portal in Dayforce to sign up for direct deposit. If you have questions, please email payroll.dept@oakh.com or call 800-858-8815.

I don’t have a checking account, but would like to receive my paychecks electronically, do I have any options?
Yes, we are linked with Dayforce Comdata pay cards that act as debit cards and can be used anywhere. Please contact the payroll.dept@oakh.com or 800-858-8815 and we will discuss this with you and make sure you get the proper forms to complete.

I don’t think I’m being deducted correctly for my benefits, what can I do?
It’s very important to review your paystubs every payroll to make sure you are being deducted correctly. If you find an error, please email benefits@oakh.com or call 800-858-8300 and ask to speak to the Human Resources Department.

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HR Team

Here are the people who can help you if you need assistance.

Jackie Knox

Jackie Knox

HR Manager
Shasta Ihrig

Shasta Ihrig

HR Supervisor
Jessica Cervantez

Jessica Cervantez

Payroll Supervisor
Angie Anderson

Angie Anderson

HR Generalist
Lisa Mendiola

Lisa Mendiola

HR Generalist
Annika Mayes

Annika Mayes

HR/Safety Specialist
Erik Eastby

Erik Eastby

Payroll Specialist

"Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first."

- Simon Sinek -


To continue to bring peace of mind through creative solutions.


Our Mission at Oak Harbor Freight Lines is to be the premier transportation services company. We are committed to providing timely, accurate and reliable service, remaining profitable to ensure stability, being recognized for integrity, and generating complete internal and external customer loyalty.


We believe our services change the world. We also believe that if we take care of our people they will take care of our customers. Employees empowered to take care of the customer and doing work that is meaningful is what moves us forward.

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