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Medical, Dental, Vision, Rx

Learn more about the company's medical, dental, vision, and Rx plans.

Non-Union Health Care Enrollment Form

Use this form to enroll in a new plan or make changes to an existing plan.

Union Health Care Enrollment Form

Use this form to enroll in a new plan or make changes to an existing plan.

Wellness Bonus Program

Use this form to enroll in our wellness bonus program and earn $50!

Benefit Information

Non-union Benefits at a Glance

Overview of Oak Harbor's non-union employee benefits.

Non-union PPO Plan Details

What this plan covers and what it costs.

Union Benefits at a Glance

Overview of Oak Harbor's non-union employee benefits.

Union PPO Plan Details

What this plan covers and what it costs.

High Deductible Plan Details

What this plan covers and what it costs.

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Life Insurance & Disability

Learn more about the company's life insurance and short term disability plans.

Beneficiary Form

Use this form to designate or make changes to your beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Form - Spanish

Use this form to designate or make changes to your beneficiaries.

Employee Assistance Program

Learn more about our Employee Assistance Program, offered free of charge to our full-time employees.
The program is managed By Wellspring EAP.

EAP Benefit Summary

A summary of company-paid employee assistance program benefits.

Website Flier

Learn more about the tools available on Wellspring EAP's website.

Wellspring EAP Website

Log in to access valuable assistance services.
Username: Oak Harbor Freight Lines

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Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts, or FSA, are a great way to set aside pre-tax money for known, qualifying medical and/or childcare expenses. FSA paperwork must be turned in every year, whether you had an account in the previous year or not.

FSA Enrollment Form

Use this form, annually, to set up your Flexible spending account (FSA).

FSA Enrollment Form - Spanish

Use this form to manually get reimbursed for qualifying medical expenses.

FSA Enrollment Kit

This document gives detailed information about how the FSA plan works.

FSA Enrollment Kit - Spanish

This document gives detailed information about how the FSA plan works.

FSA Claim Form

Use this form to manually get reimbursed for qualifying medical expenses.

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The company has a 401k program with match to help you plan for your retirement.

401k Enrollment Form with match letter

Use this form to set up your automatic deposit into your 401k account. The letter describes the matching program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions you might find helpful.


Where do I send my completed Enrollment/Change forms?
Send all completed forms for new enrollment and changes to or fax to 253-288-8310.

When am I eligible for benefits?
Full Time Employees are eligible for benefits on the 1st of the month after 60 days of employment. For example, if you are hired on June 15th, you will complete 60 days on August 15th and will be eligible for benefits beginning September 1st.

I am a new Employee, how do I enroll in medical benefits?
You should receive a benefit packet from your Manager when you are close to your 60 days of employment. If you do not, please ask your Manager for a benefit packet. You can also print your packet.

I am a casual Employee what benefits am I eligible for?
Casual (Part-Time) Employees are eligible to enroll in the company 401k, as long as the age requirement is met (21 yrs old). All Part-Time Employees are also eligible to sign up for supplemental Aflac benefits.

Can I enroll in medical only and opt out of vision or dental?
No, Medical, Dental and Vision is a package that cannot be separated.

I would like to decline medical/dental/vision coverage, what do I do?
There is an “Opt Out” checkbox on the enrollment from. Please check that box, sign the document and send it to at or fax to 253-288-8310.

How do I sign up for direct deposit? You should have received a direct deposit sign up when you were hired, but if not please contact the or 800-858-8815 or your Manager for this direct deposit form to complete.

I don’t have a checking account, but would like to receive my paychecks electronically, do I have any options?
Yes, we are linked with ADP Aline cards that act as debit cards that can be used anywhere. Please contact the or 800-858-8815-and we will discuss this with you and make sure you get the proper forms to complete.

I have additional questions about my enrollment, who can I contact?
Please contact the Payroll Department at benefits@oakh.comF or 800-858-8815.


Who is our dental and vision coverage through?
Your dental coverage is with RGA (Regence Group Administrators). This is the same company that manages your medical claims. The card you were issued is what you need to provide to your dental or eye doctor’s office.

I haven’t received my medical card yet, what do I do?
First, you can log in to the insurance website using your personal information and print a temporary card. Then, you should call RGA Customer Service at 866-738-3924 to ensure they have your correct address and you can request another card at that time.

How much do I pay for my coverage?
Please visit and select your location and job type to learn more about your monthly premiums. You can also ask your Manager for this information.

How can I find out whether a specific item (medical procedure, prescription, etc) will be covered by insurance?
You can call the Benefit Resource Center at 866-468-7272 or RGA at 866-738-3924 to find out about specific coverage.

I am at my provider’s office or pharmacy and they are saying I do not have coverage?
First, confirm with the person you are speaking with that they are calling the eligibility phone number on the back of your card. Some offices have a speed dial phone number set up and it is usually the incorrect phone number. If they call the number on the back of your benefit card and are still being told you do not have coverage, you will need to call the Customer Service number for RGA 866-738-3924 or the Benefit Resource Center 866-468-7272.

I received a bill from my medical provider and I do not believe I should have? Or the bill is incorrect?
This is where the Benefit Resource Center 866-468-7272 is very helpful. They will work on your behalf with the Provider’s office and RGA to either correct the bill or clarify whether you were billed correctly.

Does the company have a Wellness Benefit?
Yes. Employees and Spouses are eligible for an annual Wellness Benefit of $50. If you, and your Spouse, are covered by the company’s health plan and you have a physical that includes full blood panel testing, you are eligible to receive this benefit. Simply print the Wellness Form, take it to your provider for a signature and then turn it in to Payroll via email at or fax 253-288-8310. Wellness benefits are paid once a year in January for the prior year.


How do I sign up for mail order?
Please visit to get instructions for signing up for mail order prescriptions. You will be able to receive 3 months of medications for the cost of only 2 months co-pays.

Am I required to sign up for mail order prescriptions?
Our plan required members to use the mail order program through Costco for maintenance medications. If you have some special circumstances in which mail order is not the best option for you, please contact the Benefit Resource Center 866-468-7272 to see if you could be allowed to continue using your store-front pharmacy.

Do I have to pick up my prescriptions at Costco?
No, you can go to your local pharmacy to pick up medications.

Why is my prescription not covered?
If you are told that a prescription is not covered, it is recommended you call the Benefit Resource Center 866-468-7272 to get their assistance why it is not covered. It is possible that this particular medicine is not covered, but an alternative may be covered. If this is a maintenance medication, taking on a regular basis, our plan requires Employees to use the mail order system after filling the prescription 3 times at a store-front pharmacy.

Family Members

I just got married and/or had a new baby (or adopted), how do I add them to my coverage?
When you have a “life event” you have 30 days from the event to add any new dependents on to your medical plan. You can get an Enrollment/Change form. If you do not have printing capabilities at home, your Manager can print a copy for you. The completed form must be submitted to the Payroll Department at

How long can I keep my children on my insurance?
Children can be covered under your plan until the age of 26, regardless of student or marital status. If you have an adult, disabled child that you care for, coverage can continue past the age of 26, but special documentation is needed. If you need to request this extended coverage, please contact the Payroll department at

Can I add my girl/boyfriend, Domestic Partner or their children to my plan?
Registered Domestic Partners can be added to your plan. A Boyfriend/Girlfriend would not be eligible for coverage under our plan. Children of your new Spouse or registered domestic partner can be added to our plan, when the required documentation is provided.

FSA, Life, & Disability

If I don’t use my Flexible Spending Account money, can I roll it over to the next calendar year?
Flexible Spending Account money must be used each calendar year or it is “surrendered” to the plan. It is important to carefully select the amount you sign up for each year, know what exactly is covered, and keep proper documentation of your receipts for proof that is required by Navia Benefits.

I am a new Employee, when can I sign up for Supplemental Life Insurance and/or Short Term Disability?
Supplemental Life and AD&D through UNUM is available to new Employees during Open Enrollment each year. If you were hired in the current calendar year, you will receive a personalized packet from our life insurance provider, Unum, during open enrollment.

Does the company offer other supplemental insurance?
Yes, the company offers a Supplemental Life & AD&D plan as well as options through Aflac.


When can I enroll in the 401k plan and am I eligible to enroll?
All Employees: Full-time and Part-Time, are eligible to enroll in the Company 401k plan. The only requirement is that you at least 21 years old at the time you sign up. Employees can enroll when they are hired or any time during the year. The Company match will begin after the completion of 90 days of employment.

How do I make a change to my 401k contributions?
401k contribution changes can be made at any time during the year and can be done online at or by completing an Enrollment/Change form.

My online 401k account (Ascensus website) does not reflect the correct vesting percentage, who do I call?
Please contact Paradigm Financial at 800-527-4560 to ensure that your account correctly reflects your vesting percentage.

Medical Leave

I need to be off work for more than 3 days due to a medical reason, who do I report this to and how are my benefits affected?
Please contact your Manager as soon as you know you will be off of work for more than 3 days for a medical reason (your own or a family members medical condition). Your Manager will contact the Human Resources Department to begin the process of your request for medical leave. You can also call the Human Resources Department at 800-858-8815 and ask to speak with a member of the team regarding medical leave.

If I qualify for FMLA, does that pay for my wages while I am off work?
FMLA is a law that protects your position and pay for up to 12 weeks every 12 months. There are specific requirements that must be met to be approved for FMLA. If you are approved for FMLA, you will be required to use any paid time off benefits you may have in your bank. If you work in a state that offers State Disability, you will need to contact your state’s disability department to apply for paid benefits.

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HR Team

Here are the people who can help you if you need assistance.

Jackie Knox

Jackie Knox

HR Manager
Shasta Ihrig

Shasta Ihrig

HR Supervisor
Lynn Messick

Lynn Messick

Payroll Manager
Jessica Cervantez

Jessica Cervantez

Payroll Specialist
Angie Anderson

Angie Anderson

HR Generalist
Lisa Mendiola

Lisa Mendiola

HR Generalist
Marc Lagmay

Marc Lagmay

HR Generalist
Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson

Alice Feeley

Alice Feeley

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"Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first."

- Simon Sinek -


To continue to bring peace of mind through creative solutions.


Our Mission at Oak Harbor Freight Lines is to be the premier transportation services company. We are committed to providing timely, accurate and reliable service, remaining profitable to ensure stability, being recognized for integrity, and generating complete internal and external customer loyalty.


We believe our services change the world. We also believe that if we take care of our people they will take care of our customers. Employees empowered to take care of the customer and doing work that is meaningful is what moves us forward.

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